The Opportunity to Communicate Is a Basic Human Right.

Communication is the most fundamental of human capacities.
People need to be able to communicate to fulfill their social, educational, emotional and vocational potential. Everybody has the potential to communicate.

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Stories About Communication
Robert Martin

Robert Martin Receives Knighthood

Robert Martin receives knighthood for services to people with disabilities.
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Speech signals

Signs of COVID-19 may be Hidden in Speech Signals

Processing vocal recordings of infected but asymptomatic people reveals potential indicators of COVID-19.
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Intensive Care Unit

‘We Give Patients Their Voices Back’: The Speech Therapists on the COVID-19 Frontline

The work of speech and language therapists like Sally Archer is often overlooked, but they have been vital in fighting COVID-19.
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Establishing a Speech Pathology Clinic in Kuwait

“It’s really great to be able to speak two languages, but it was really difficult to transfer my skills from English to Arabic in the beginning. … It got easier as I went and gained more experience.”
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