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Launched in 2014, the International Communication Project (ICP) works to advocate for those with communication disabilities, influence international bodies like the United Nations (UN) and the World Health Organization, and increase awareness that communication is a basic human right and fundamental to every aspect of life. The ICP’s accomplishments include:

  • Produced the first ever Declaration of Communication Rights which has received thousands of supportive pledges from individuals and organisations.
  • Sponsored an event at the UN that featured presenters from the global communication disabilities community.
  • Developed an advocacy paper that ties communication disabilities to meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals [PDF].
  • Submitted comments to the UN about the significant impact of communication disabilities on employment.
  • Provided online resources for managing during the coronavirus pandemic to care providers and persons with communication disabilities.
  • At its 2014 launch, held an online event that featured presenters from around the world and attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers.
  • Publishes and disseminates quarterly digital newsletter about ICP activities and communication disabilities.
  • Website is a unique information exchange, posting stories about communication disabilities from around the world.
  • Conducts social media campaigns in support of global observances related to communication disabilities (e.g. World Hear Day and International Day of People with Disabilities).
  • Active on social media platforms Twitter (@IcommunicationP) and Facebook organisations worldwide.
  • Continues to present and exhibit at major conferences related to communication disabilities.
  • Open to collaborating with leading international disabilities organisations and other parties that further care and support of persons with communication disabilities.