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September 2021

Latest News from the International Communication Project (September 2021)

The ICP newsletter brings you communication-related information and stories from around the world. Continue reading to learn more about how the ICP is working to place communication disability on the record, to learn more about a device that allows a paralysed man to communicate with words, to read the updates made to the ICP’s Mission, Vision and Goals and for an article on the
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‘They Worry They will Never get Better’: A day in Bolton’s Long COVID Clinic

Sarah Davidson* woke up on the Covid ward at Bolton Royal hospital in March to find she had been turned on to her belly. She had watched enough news reports to know what that meant. “The nurse from the critical care team turned up and said: ‘It’s for your lungs, your breathing stopped’. They proned me for days and days. I was like a
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ICP Works to Place Communication Disability on the Record

At this year’s United Nations Conference of State Parties on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the ICP arranged for statements about communication disability to be made for the record. The following statement was made by Abed Ahmed, who is both a teacher and person with lived experience of communication disability. Abed has a stammer. Children with communication disability, beyond the
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Device Allows Paralyzed Man to Communicate with Words

Conditions such as stroke and neurodegenerative disease can cause anarthria—the loss of the ability to articulate speech. Anarthria hinders communication and reduces quality of life. Researchers have been working to create brain-computer interfaces that help people with anarthria communicate. With a typical interface, the user must spell out messages one letter at a time. An interface that lets the user generate whole words at
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