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Latest News from the International Communication Project (September 2021)

The ICP newsletter brings you communication-related information and stories from around the world. Continue reading to learn more about how the ICP is working to place communication disability on the record, to learn more about a device that allows a paralysed man to communicate with words, to read the updates made to the ICP’s Mission, Vision and Goals and for an article on the role S-LPs play in the long COVID clinics.

ICP Works to Place Communication Disability on the Record

At this year’s United Nations Conference of State Parties on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the ICP arranged for statements about communication disability to be made for the record. Abed Ahmed, who is both a teacher and person with lived experience with communication disability, spoke on behalf of the ICP. Read more…

Device Allows Paralysed Man to Communicate with Words

Conditions such as stroke and neurodegenerative disease can cause anarthria—the loss of the ability to articulate speech. Anarthria (a severe form of dysarthria) hinders communication and reduces quality of life. Researchers have been working to create brain-computer interfaces that help people with anarthria communicate. Read more….

Updates to Mission, Vision and Goals

The International Communication Project (ICP) has moved to update its mission, vision and goals. After seven years it was time for the ICP to reconsider and make key changes. The ICP remains focused on advocating for those with communication disability, as well as their families, caregivers and communication professionals. This reflects the ICP’s strong belief that communication is a basic human right. Read more…

Long COVID? Speech Pathologists Play a Role

In the long COVID clinic even after sessions with a highly specialized speech and language therapist coaching patients through various exercises to encourage deep breathing from the diaphragm, many will never fully recover due to their lungs having been scarred by COVID. Read more…

Awareness Days Related to Communication

23 September
International Day of Sign Languages

28 September
The International Day for the Universal Access to Information

10 October
World Mental Health Day

15 October
DLD Awareness Day

22 October
International Stuttering Awareness Day

29 October
World Stroke Day

International Communication Around the World

The International Communication Project (ICP) regularly features stories about communication and swallowing difficulties on its website and social media accounts from around the world.

In sharing this news with you, we aim to keep you informed of conversations pertinent to communications and swallowing as they happen around the world. The opinions expressed in these stories do not necessarily represent the views of the ICP, nor does the inclusion of a story indicate endorsement of the article’s viewpoint or accuracy.

If you have a story you’d like to see featured, please contact us!

Democratic Republic of Congo: Meningitis epidemic in DR Congo kills 129, WHO says. Read more…

Denmark: Danish children struggle to learn their vowel-filled language – and this changes how adult Danes interact. Read more…

Japan: Juntendo University research: Step forward towards treating hereditary deafness. Read more…

India: Audiologist And Speech-Language Pathologist Devangi Dalal Assures Helping Hearing-Impaired Children With The Right Hearing Aid Technology! Read more…

Nigeria: How Does the West African Talking Drum Accurately Mimic Human Speech? Read more…

Saudi Arabia: Assessment of caregivers’ perspectives regarding speech-language services in Saudi Arabia during COVID-19. Read more…

Taiwan: Planned book ‘too tricky for deaf toddlers’. Read more…

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