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Speech & Language Therapy in Italy

Woman working with a young girl

“To communicate is one of the most important things in life.” Four individuals share their stories of overcoming speech, language, and developmental disorders.

In the video, Open the Doors to Communicate, produced by the Italian Federation of Speech and Language Therapists (FLI), four individuals talk about their struggles with speech, language, and developmental disorders; as well as their experiences working with speech-language pathologists to overcome them.

Rosanna, 61 | Stroke

“My speech therapist, Laura, taught me the alphabet from scratch… And she started from ‘amore’ (love)… Speech therapy has been amazing for me.”

Ciro, 70 | Laryngectomy

“To communicate is one of the most important things in life.”

Michela, 46 | Kids w/ Developmental Disorders

“When my eldest son was three weeks, we asked for some help and we found an amazing speech therapist who was able to help us understand how we could support our son and what was to be done. Our second son was a premature baby, born two months early. Again, that fear that our child would be unable to communicate came back. But the same therapist helped us, showing us the way.”

Federico, 45 | Stutter

“Speech therapy not only improved the quality of my life, but also helped me to show who I am to the rest of the world.”