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The more people who get involved in the International Communication Project, the greater its impact will be! Please help spread the message in your community, your nation and through your social media contacts across the globe.


Anyone can help raise awareness about communication disorders, treatment and the ICP:

      • Sign our pledge and share it with family, friends, colleagues and politicians.
      • Share ICP information and updates through your website, blog and/or other social media profiles.
      • Share your story with us.
      • Participate in an event hosted in your country or organize your own awareness-raising campaign.
      • Contact the speech, language and hearing association in your country to ask if they are getting involved with the ICP.


We welcome support from other organisations and need your help to spread the word about the importance of healthy communication! For more information on becoming a participating organisation, please contact us.

Here’s how you can show your support for the ICP:

      • Share ICP information on your website and social media profiles.
      • Sign our pledge and encourage others to sign as well.
      • Write about the ICP in your newsletter or publication.
      • Download and share our available resources.
      • Talk about the ICP to your members, colleagues, students and partners.