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Latest News from the International Communication Project (September 2018)

The ICP newsletter brings you communication-related information and stories from around the world. Continue reading to learn about the work of a group of Australian communication health professionals in Timor Leste, how the Maasai people approach those with communication challenges and a roundup of communication health stories around the world.

International Communication Project in Action

A photo shot from the audience of the first-ever global disability summit. Speakers present onstage .

The First-Ever Global Disability Summit

The first ever Global Disability Summit was recently held in London. The summit attracted over 800 high level attendees, including heads of governments from across the world, representatives of various international Non-Governmental Organisations, Disabled Persons Organisations, the chief executive offices of corporations, as well as representatives from the various arms of the United Nations, the World Bank and others.

Phoniatritian in Egypt

The Speech Pathology Profession in Egypt

An Egyptian speech pathologist outlines what the profession in her country focuses on in their day-to-day clinical lives.

The author works with a child in a wheelchair in Malaysia.

Working as a Speech-Language Pathologist in Malaysia

The Malaysian Association of Speech-Language and Hearing was established in 1995 and there are now approximately 300 speech therapists working in Malaysia. In this article a Malaysian speech pathologist provides a snapshot of the speech pathology profession in Malaysia today.

Learning the Ropes on Barbados

What would it be like for a first-year postgraduate speech and language therapy student, from London, to head to Barbados to complete their clinical placement? In this article, dreams of idyllic white sand beaches, relaxed island living, and infamous rum punches are soon replaced by the reality of learning the ropes as a speech therapist in Barbados.

Awareness Days Related to Communication

International Communication Health News From Around the World

The International Communication Project (ICP) regularly features stories about communication and swallowing difficulties on this website and social media accounts from around the world. If you have a story you’d like to see featured, please contact us.

Australia: ‘The “Glue ear” project to fight hearing loss and improve outcomes for Aboriginal children.

China: A two-year-old hearing-impaired girl Gansu province is expected to be able to hear and speak thanks to a free cochlear implant surgery in Beijing.

Dominican Republic: What is the state of hearing care in the Dominican Republic?

Germany: One in eight in Germany say they have a hearing loss. 

Ghana: In Ghana, the deaf live in isolation.

Guatemala: A group of speech pathologists are helping to make a difference in this majority world country.

Haiti: A man in Haiti made a moving, talking robot out of recycled materials to help his son with his speech difficulties.

India: For acid attack survivors and the disabled, a series of cafés offer a chance to start over.

Israel: A New York hospital will partner with Israel’s Novotalk, an online company, to provide speech therapy services.

Jersey: A charity claims the island is failing to meet needs of the hearing-impaired.

Kenya: A hospital in Nairobi has performed an historic first-ever ear operation on five patients.

Malaysia: The Malaysian National Society of Audiologists (Mansa) has signed a memorandum of understanding with online healthcare platform BookDoc to raise public awareness of hearing problems and qualified audiologists that one can seek help from.

Nepal: A Nepalese restaurant heeds the call to hire hearing-impaired staff.

Nigeria: An expert on hearing loss, has identified generators, some prescription drugs, and exposure to loud noise as major causes of hearing loss in the country.

Qatar: A first of its kind in Qatar and a dedicated paediatric rehabilitation programme.

Samoa: Hearing impairment is a serious issue in Samoa.

Scotland: A Scottish social enterprise is leading the fight to make events more accessible.

South Africa: Anonymous donor gives Pretoria twins their hearing.

Sweden: Many female preschool teachers suffer from hearing-related problems.

The Netherlands: Smartphones and tablets might be hurting children’s hearing, but no one knows for sure.

Trinidad and Tobago: Finding a speech therapist in Trinidad and Tobago can be a real challenge.

Taiwan: Profoundly deaf TV host of ‘Follow Alana’ plays and bakes with hearing impaired children in Kaohsiung.

Tonga: New hearing aids to be distributed in Tonga.

Uganda: A Canyon woman is changing lives in Uganda by teaching deaf children how to communicate.

United Arab Emirates: A Dubai hospital gifts power of hearing to one-year-old.

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