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Latest News from the International Communication Project (March 2019)

The International Communication Project (ICP) newsletter brings you communication-related information and stories from around the world. Continue reading for stories from Sri Lanka, Fiji, Ghana, Ethiopia, Italy and the UK as well as a roundup of communication health stories around the world.

International Communication Project in Action

A young Sri Lankan boy works on a worksheet with pictures of ice-cream cones.

The Challenge Facing the Speech Therapy Profession in Sri Lanka

Speech and language therapy is still a growing profession in the majority of the world’s countries, including Sri Lanka. Most people are not even aware of the term ‘speech therapist/ pathologist’. In Sri Lanka, around 75 per cent of the population speak Sinhalese and the rest speak Tamil. There are only about 300 speech and language therapists across the country, with most of them coming from the Sinhalese speaking population. This is a huge disadvantage in Tamil speaking areas. 

A Fijian boy has an ear mold made by an audiologist.

Communication Disabilities in the Pacific

A speech pathology student from Australia outlines her experience working with Fijians with communication disabilities and explains what assistance is being provided by the newly emerging allied health professions in that county.

A group of Ghanaians take a selfie with the author.

Advances in Speech Therapy in Ghana

Until 2018 there were only three qualified speech and language therapists in Ghana, all located at the highly respected Korle Bu Teaching Hospital (KBTH) in Accra. Efforts to address this are now starting to come to fruition as more local students graduate from the University of Ghana as speech therapists.

Ethiopia’s First Speech-Language Pathology Program

The Toronto Addis Ababa Academic Collaboration has been working to strengthen the capacity and sustainability of various programmes at Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia for over a decade. The collaboration sent professionals from the University of Toronto in Canada to provide instruction in speech therapy. In January 2019, the first Ethiopian speech-language pathologists earned their degrees and introduced an entirely new field of care to Ethiopia.

A poster in Italian that says, "Senti Chi (Non) Parla"

Federazione Logopedisti Italiani is Campaigning Hard

Federazione Logopedisti Italiani is the national professional association of the Italian Speech and Language Therapists. One of its statutory objectives is the diffusion of knowledge and information on speech, language, communication and swallowing and their disorders. One of the Association’s main campaign efforts is the European Day of Speech and Language Therapy, to be celebrated on the 6 March.

My degree has been everything I’ve ever wanted

Studying for a degree in Speech and Language Therapy has made Dinithi O’Gorman the happiest she’s ever been. The 32-year-old has been interested in language and communication since high school but didn’t know how to turn this passion into a career until she studied to be a speech and language therapist at university. 

Awareness Days Related to Communication

International Communication Health News From Around the World

The ICP regularly features stories about communication and swallowing difficulties on its website and social media accounts from around the world.

In sharing this news with you, we aim to keep you informed of conversations pertinent to communications and swallowing as they happen around the world. The opinions expressed in these stories do not necessarily represent the views of the ICP, nor does the inclusion of a story indicate endorsement of the article’s viewpoint or accuracy. 

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Ethiopia: Ethiopia will see its first graduating class of speech language pathologists.

Ghana: Telephone company enhances customer care for speech and hearing impaired.

Israel: Tech gives voice back to stroke victims.

Hong Kong: Don’t silence sign language: call for dying medium to be revived and used as teaching tool for deaf in Hong Kong.

India: Deaf and hearing impaired Indians push for official sign language recognition.

Kenya: Kenyan innovator invents smart hand gloves that turn sign language into audio speech.

Malaysia: Malaysia’s 2019 global teacher candidate talks about learning disabilities, and his hope.

Norway: Hearing loss and work participation in Norway.

Nigeria: A foundation in Nigeria aims to improve treatment for hearing loss.

Oman: Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled Children opens in Oman.

Pakistan: ZU’s college launches MS Speech Language Pathology.

Romania: Public maternity hospitals in Romania to give newborns free hearing screening.

Rwanda: Orofacial cleft surgeries restoring hope to many in Rwanda.

Singapore: Volunteers start free pop-up cafe for people with language disorders.

Sri Lanka: Sinhala Sign Language the main communication mode for the Deaf in Sri Lanka.

Vietnam: Speech therapy is still a brand new concept in Việt Nam and commonly known as an efficient approach to improving the conditions of children with special needs.

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