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Latest News from the International Communication Project (December 2019)

The ICP newsletter brings you communication-related information and stories from around the world. Continue reading to learn more about the work of speech-language pathologists in Peru and Kuwait, the work of one of our ICP Participating Organisations, as well as a roundup of communication health stories around the world.

International Communication Project in Action

Speech pathologist Kate sits with a young client, who is holding a book, in her lap. Both are smiling.

Creating smiles in Peru

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work as a volunteer in a developing country? To give back to people who really need your help? Read about two speech-language pathologists who travelled to Peru to bring hope and assistance to children with cleft palate.

Establishing a speech pathology clinic in Kuwait

Watching as speech-language pathologists helped her little sister improve her language skills sparked recent graduate Khadeejah Buabbas’ interest in speech-language pathology. Little did she know, that this spark would soon grow into a flame that would drive Khadeejah to establish her own clinic at home in Kuwait.

Feature ICP Participating Organisation

Who is Communication Disabilities Access Canada?

Communication Disabilities Access Canada is a Canadian, disabilities, non-profit organisation that is committed to advancing social justice, accessibility and inclusion for people who have speech, language and communication disabilities and who are not Deaf. CDAC supports the International Communication Project’s goals of advocating for those with communication disabilities.

International Communication News

ICP-IDPD Infographic

International Day of Persons with Disabilities

While Tuesday 3 December is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, communication difficulties and disorders are not recognised as a disability in many parts of the world. The International Communication Project advocates for people with communication disorders and works to raise the profile of communication disabilities. Approximately one billion people globally experience disability. However, people with communication disabilities are probably not included in that total, even though they encounter significant difficulties in their daily lives.

Awareness Days Related to Communication

International Communication Around the World

The ICP regularly features stories about communication and swallowing difficulties on its website and social media accounts from around the world.  
In sharing this news with you, we aim to keep you informed of conversations pertinent to communications and swallowing as they happen around the world. The opinions expressed in these stories do not necessarily represent the views of the ICP, nor does the inclusion of a story indicate endorsement of the article’s viewpoint or accuracy. 

If you have a story you’d like to see featured, please contact us!

Ghana: University of Ghana scientists identify deafness causative gene.

Iran: 450 cochlear implants conducted within 5 months according to the deputy health minister.

Malaysia: Deaf or hearing-impaired Grab drivers are becoming a norm in Malaysia.

Pakistan: In Pakistan, lack of trained speech therapists feeding quackery.

Qatar: Over 26,000 patient visits to Audiology and Balance Unit since relocation.

South Africa: Salmah’s smile lights up the world.

Singapore: Acid attack left him with a speech impairment, but scholarship recipient wants to be a speech therapist.

Switzerland: Students with special needs more integrated.

Taiwan: Doctors urge use of genetic screening following case of hereditary deafness.

Turkey: Hearing impairment no obstacle for athletes.

United Arab Emirates: Indian community opens low-cost special school in UAE.

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