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ICP Submits Comments to UN Committee

This past March, the International Communication Project (ICP) submitted comments about the impact of communication disabilities on employment to a United Nations (UN) committee that monitors the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The committee had invited submissions as part of its preparation for issuing a statement concerning Article 27 of the UN Convention, the right to work and employment.

The ICP’s comments covered several areas; how communication disabilities affect access to employment; their impact intergenerationally; and the support and interventions that could help persons with communication disabilities.

The points the ICP raised included:

  • individuals and their families are often at an economic disadvantage since employment opportunities are impacted by communication disabilities.
  • communication disabilities places individuals and their families at greater risk of living in poverty.
  • it is crucial that quality inclusive communication approaches are integrated into all services which aim to provide access to welfare (in and out of work), support people into work, back into the workplace and/or retain people in the workforce.
  • speech-language pathologists and audiologists have a crucial role to play supporting children and adults with communication disabilities, including those living in poverty, to enable them to access employment, healthcare, and education.

The ICP’s comments in their entirety are available online [DOCX].

The ICP’s response to the UN committee’s invitation for submissions was part of its continuing efforts to raise awareness of communication disabilities with global policymakers.

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