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International Communication Project 2014 Gains Support From 40 New Organizations Around the Globe

May Month of Action Raises International Profile of Communication Disorders (Rockville, Maryland, USA – June 30, 2014) Following a “Month of Action” this past May by the International Communication Project (ICP) 2014, some 40 participating organizations worldwide are now part of the unprecedented initiative. Launched last winter, the ICP 2014 raises international awareness of communication disorders and the speech and language therapists, speech-language pathologists, and
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International Project Declares May “Month of Action” for Calling Attention to Communication Disorders

(Rockville, Maryland, USA – May 1, 2014) The International Communication Project 2014 (ICP 2014), an initiative involving more than a dozen organizations, entities, and international bodies worldwide, has declared this May a “Month of Action” for bringing attention to communication disorders. The Project’s founding organizations have organized a range of activities for May, including outreach to Houses of Parliament in England; an advocacy day
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