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City Cambodia Project 2015

“The City Cambodia Project is fortunate to have had the opportunity to further develop the field of Speech and Language Therapy in Cambodia. They look forward to continuing to provide support and input for years to come with future teams!”
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Autism Training in Samoa

“I was hesitant about doing a short-term training session, because I didn’t know what the long-term benefits would be. However, we were all reduced to tears at the end of the week when each CBR team member shared the biggest thing they had learned from the training. We were incredibly humbled to play a very small part in validating what the team already knew and were doing, as well as providing some additional training.”
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Making a Difference in Botswana

“[Working in Botswana] I saw the significant difference that we can make in the lives of children as speech language therapists—simply by educating parents, caregivers, and educators, as well as providing them with strategies to connect and communicate.”
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The Importance of Persistence

“My mother identified my persistence as a strength…it was invaluable to my learning and self-esteem because whenever I found something difficult, I would hear her words, ‘You never give up. You are persistent.’ This kept me going.”
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