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Singing in a Choir: My Rehabilitation after a Stroke

Many people say singing is easier than speaking. For me, this seems so. As my confidence has grown [from being a part of the Cantabrainers Choir], I have been allowed to make sounds by myself in Choir… Now I am allowed a whole verse—not perfect, but good enough to understand, and will perform on a stage—something I thought I would never do.
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An S-LP with Dysphagia

“I always believed that I would be able to take care of myself when in hospital, as long as I had my full cognitive and communicative abilities. What I was not prepared for was developing a neurological condition that had an unusual presentation.”
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Creating My Own Therapy Materials

“My job in Canada as a speech therapist with preschool children constantly inspired me with new projects. As I was constantly facing a lack of material to address the specific needs of my clients, I started to develop my own.”
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A Lot for a Two-Year-Old to Handle

“We hope that someday, funding and support will be given on a needs basis, not a diagnosis basis; and that access to therapies such as speech and occupational, will be more freely available.”
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Working as a Speech Pathologist in Vietnam

“Speech pathology in Vietnam might be at the starting line, but the country (without being overtly aware of it) has a dedicated collective of professionals that are keen for their country to have speech pathology services.”
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An 18-Year-Old with Aphasia: Sarah’s Story

[Through her own YouTube channel] Sarah has inspired others to create their own websites and videos to show how language can recover after a brain injury. There is no plateau—even if you’re not the same, you can improve. There is always hope, which is a good thing, because without hope there’s nothing.
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